Thighs as soft as marshmallows.

Don't think it was because you hurt me, I'm just bored with you.
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Here you will find things I enjoy, mainly Lolita, gothic, Kate Bush, ...Oh, yeah, I post a lot of Bjork. I am completely & totally in love with her.
About me:
I run 4 blogs:
Emotional Support/Self Love
Kink Pride
& this one. This is my personal blog.
I'm engaged to a wonderful man. Who works as a Web Designer. I'm actually pretty nerdy. I love the ins & outs of a computer. I love math. I am attempting to learn German, Vietnamese, Icelandic, & Elvish. I'm a huge LOTR geek. My favorite game is RuneScape. I'm not to good with people, I used to be a very fucked up & shallow person. I love to cook, clean, read, draw, & write. I mainly write poems, but I will never post any of them on the internet because I plan to put them all in books & sell them. So if you want to read them wait for the books.